Workplace Bullying

Posted on 15th April 2015 | Category: CBT

Workplace bullying is a complex issue. It can be the case that those under pressure can make a number of negative evaluations that make them appear weaker and therefore more vulnerable. This can create a vicious cycle where people find it hard to express themselves and feel pushed down and negative towards their workplace and environment and hence can be singled out for those anxieties.

It may be a cliché but those who are often instigating the bullying often feel self-hate and the same cycle of loathing that they inflict on their victims. This can often be a behaviour that has been learned at an early age or in the school years and is carried over into the workplace. This can lead to a considerable amount of workplace stress for everyone involved, including those who are perpetrating the aggression.

CBT can help people deal with their anxieties that people suffer from around bullying, giving them a better idea of coping strategies and helping them speak their mind at the appropriate time to stop trouble from occurring. Mindfulness can give them strategies to deal with the moment and allow individuals to step away from stressful situations.

Equally sometimes those in authority find that they have trouble drawing the line between being what they perceive to be a nice boss and being a tough boss. Constantly berating staff can often lead to a culture of bullying in the workplace where anxiety and stress are the main motivators towards the completion of tasks. Whilst this may prove dividends in the short term, it does not bode well for the long term survival of any company. This is perhaps why we have seen the rise of the churn and burn type call centre jobs where people are pushed to their limit in order to get the best out of them before they leave of their own accord.

However whilst increased pressure makes for a productive workplace in the short term acts of altruism increase a boss’s status and give the workers a feeling that we are all in this together. This makes workers feel valued and good about themselves and members of part of a cohesive and well-functioning team. It is essential that this kind of atmosphere is developed in a long term business where everyone needs to perform specific roles in order to achieve difficult goals.

Ultimately people want to work in a place of business where they can look up to their boss and work with them. This is best achieved through an attitude of compassion rather than one of putting forth a no-nonsense management style where people are not able to make mistakes or express an opinion.

If you are having difficulties with work or would like to know how to be a better boss then CBT can provide you with an essential basis for moving forward. If you would like to find out more, why not come in for a free consultation appointment where we can discuss all the options available to you.