Welcome to my CBT Website and Blog

Posted on 4th December 2014 | Category: CBT

Hello and welcome to my blog. Over the recent months I have been working on a new website design with my developer and as part of the new look I have decided to put out regular news and opinion articles.

The site has gone through a radical re-design to give visitors a much more streamlined user experience. It is now easier to find details of the therapies I am offer together with details about how these could make a difference to your life. This includes all the services I am able to provide including EMDR, Mindfulness, ACT and CBT.

When it comes to the blog however, my plan is to comment on the latest developments within the practice of CBT and ACT, whilst giving you the benefit of my many years’ experience and judgement on these matters. This will include both serious articles that detail new findings and ways of treating patients as well as well as a sideways glance at the more humorous sides of human behaviour.

In addition to my articles, you can find out more about me on the following social media platforms.


Stay in touch with my thoughts and musings via this fast paced social media network. Whilst I don’t have that much to say in small bursts, I will be posting links to all my latest blogs through this account, so if you want to stay up to date with my latest views and opinions this is the perfect place to follow me.

Linked In

For a more detailed and expansive list of my career history and work based achievements, please take a moment to look my Linked In account. This details all my professional qualifications together with the appropriate accreditations that are required for me to practice CBT and ACT within the UK.

If you would like to find out more about any aspect of my service, then please feel free to get in touch with me via the phone number listed on the site.