Weight Loss

Change Your Lifestyle – Not Only Your Weight

Are you tired of the endless cycle of dieting and weight gain? Want to regain your good feeling and have a happy and fulfilled life?

CBT teaches you a new way of approaching your diet, weight and eating habits, giving you the power to transform your life. Book a free consultation session to find out how.

Have you struggled with weight loss?

If so then you’ve probably had difficulties keeping on course with diets and found yourself wandering from your plans drawn in by sugary snacks and fast food.

What happens to all your good intentions when you’re faced with temptation?

Do you find yourself making excuses for your behaviour or simply telling yourself that you’ll start again tomorrow?

CBT gives you the ability to actually bridge the gap between your decisions and your actions, allowing you to find the discipline and motivation to meet your weight loss goals.

You can learn how to….

  • Switch off the eating autopilot and stop the internal battle
  • When you’re really hungry and when you’re eating for comfort
  • Feel calmer, stronger and more able to control your impulses
  • Stay consistently motivated and in touch with all your goals
  • Ditch the fast food, lose the sweet tooth and stop the snacking
  • Stop binges and control the eating to break your boredom

You will find out how to make a positive change in your life through healthy choices that are more natural, without feeling deprived. Achieve the lifestyle changes that form the basis of a sustained weight loss.

Through a program of CBT, you will be taught how to keep your momentum from the start of something new through the difficult times and setbacks.

Change your mindset from one of difficult diets and gruelling schedules to one that embraces a new way of living.

I have used CBT to help countless individuals through the difficult process of restructuring their lives around weight loss and exercise, with proven, lasting results.

Book your first appointment using my online service and start doing weight loss differently today.

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