Trouble Sleeping In Norwich?

Are you suffering from trouble sleeping in Norwich? You’re not alone. The whole nation is crying out for a good night’s rest. You can read all about the tiredness epidemic sweeping the western world in the news on a daily basis. There is even now an industry selling special pillows and mattresses designed to help you get a whole lot more shut eye. However, the truth is that a good night’s sleep is found in how you spend your day.

Blue Light

One of the most significant factors affecting your circadian rhythms, or sleep patterns to the rest of us, is the blue light that’s pushed out by phones. The backlit screens can actually trick your mind into believing that you are surrounded by bright sunshine, putting you in day mode. Fine if it’s the middle of the day. Not so great if you’re just about to go to bed.

Email Crazy

A report from consultancy firm Deloitte found that around 1 in 3 UK based adults over the age of 25 and half of young people aged from 18 to 24 are now waking up in the middle of the night to check their instant messages and emails. Even with the blue light filters now available on many phones, this is not unlike a blast of white light straight into the brain.

Studies from both the University of Toronto and Harvard in the States show that not only is it harder to get back to sleep after looking at your phone at night, but also that your sleep quality is often impaired. And when you wake up feeling already tired, it’s possible to get into an overworked state, where you can’t keep up with your tasks and fall behind.

Get Your Head Down

What’s the answer? As with many behaviours in life, discipline is the key to getting good sleep. Even before you think of how you’re using your phone, you should consider getting a regular bedtime when you hit the hay and a regular alarm in the morning. Your body will thank you for establishing a routine when it knows what’s going on.

Next up is the screen use. When you go to bed, make sure you go to bed. Reading by a lamp is fine, but leave the iPads and laptops downstairs. Make the bedroom a no-go zone for all kinds of screens other than your phone. Put the phone into airplane mode, or if you have to use it for an alarm or as a clock, consider getting an old fashioned digital clock as a replacement. This way you can leave your phone downstairs.

A Final Word

Finally there’s a good case for sleep hygiene if you’re still having trouble sleeping in Norwich – or any other place in the UK for that matter. Make sure that you turn off everything at least one hour before you go to bed. Especially if you sit around at work all day looking at a screen. Have a bath. Go for a jog or even a drive. Get out and give your brain time to disconnect from our all too connected world and start to gain back your vital sleep.