The Work Life Balance

Posted on 11th September 2015 | Category: CBT, Useful Tools

Increasingly you’ll hear people talking about the work life balance. With the demands of the workplace it is becoming more difficult for individuals in modern life to manage to shut off from the world of employment.

Is part of the problem our prevalence for new goods and technologies? In the past people would try to preserve their belongings for as long as possible, although now it often seems that we are encouraged to look for disposable elements in our life. A recent article in the Guardian suggests the technology has further fused our working and social lives to a point where we are no longer comfortable.

This idea was anticipated by Eric Fromm in his book, To Have or To Be (1976) who talks about the rise of disposable technology. Here he discusses the oncoming mind-set where individuals are likely to spend more time wondering about an aspirational lifestyle based on consumerism as opposed to living in the moment.

This article starts off well, introducing the blurred boundaries between work and home in the modern world of today. It is certainly true that we have an increased exposure to work based activities through the rise of technology. All kinds of email is now accessibly on our phone handsets and it is incredibly easy to simply drop in and check this at any time. If you have a job that involves updating social media this can be an added pressure.

Later in the article there is an accusation that work has a nasty habit of creeping in to an individual’s home life. More often than not however this is not down to any intrinsic nature of employment, but rather poor organisation and not working at the correct time. With deadlines and pressure to achieve results, when employees know that they are able to work at a later date they may put off important tasks.

However this is not something that is said in Mark Cropley’s work at all. According to the author this protestant style work or die attitude has become prevalent due to a fear of loss. The assertion is the worry of the sack pushes them to work harder. Instead here Cropley talks about the having mode and the being mode, which was also predicted by Eric Fromm’s book in the 1970s.

Reinventing your life beyond work can be difficult. Moving beyond life traps where you become stuck in the same kind of circular activity can often be difficult, but with schema therapy types of CBT they can be navigated. Whether or not you work too hard today’s modern technology can have a devastating effect on the personality, breeding unrelenting standards, a fear of abandonment and constant contact.

If you are currently experiencing difficulties within your own work-life balance then it may be appropriate to see if CBT can help you turn a corner.