Self Esteem Questionnaire

Posted on 25th August 2014 | Category: Useful Tools

A Brief Self Esteem Questionnaire

  • Do you feel worthy of other people’s time and attention?
  • Do you feel entitled to a good life with nice things in it?
  • Has your experience of life shown you how to feel good about your self?
  • Do you have a good opinion of yourself?
  • Do you treat your self well consistently?

If you can no to several of the above, then you would probably benefit from ringing me for a chat with no obligation.

Do you always put others first?

  1. Do you put more emphasis on your flaws than you do on your strengths and abilities?
  2. Do you always expect more from yourself than you do from others?
  3. Do you knock yourself out trying to make others happy?
  4. Are you self critical when things don’t go right?

If you can yes to some of these in addition to the no answers above, then you would definitely benefit from ringing me for a chat with no obligation today.