Laid Off Work?

Posted on 22nd April 2015 | Category: Uncategorized

There can be nothing worse at the time than being laid off work. Often people think that they are secure in a job, then through no fault of their own they can be made redundant. With many businesses feeling the pinch due to the world economic climate and changes within technology and industry can even automate certain job roles.

However, when we lose a job this creates feeling of distrust that can last for years. A recent study conducted by Manchester University suggests that being made redundant, or worse still having your employment terminated can lead to a decade of mistrust. This is something that can even persist beyond the boundaries of your previous employment, causing problems in new positions and job roles.

By arming yourself with all the facts about redundancy, it is possible to take another view. All too often we can take this rejection from a personal standpoint, feeling that there is an inadequacy or failing in ourselves that means that we do not have the skill or strength to fulfil our work. The truth behind these situations is often more complex – it is due to the forces that govern progress and finance that dictate their outcome over personal ability.

Secure employment is a fairly recent phenomenon. In the past people would always have to be adaptive and ready to change their skills to suit new situations. Despite around one hundred years where we have seen the growth of a new middle class, it seems we are now returning to older ways.

By creating a mind-set that is more adaptive to change, we begin to understand what we can control and how we have to make choices in the face of adverse situations. By conquering the fear of short term discomfort, events like losing your job can often become opportunities for personal reinvention and setting up new goals.

For instance, many people who now run their own small businesses have often lost jobs at larger companies. After becoming disillusioned by the practices and the lack of personal responsibility that can sometimes be features of the corporate lifestyle, there can be something extremely satisfying about putting together a company that is more in tune with your own ideals.

CBT can help you look at the way you’re currently evaluating your position and give you a structure and strength, through technique, to explore the options available for your life and to set your value outside of the working sphere. Although this can be difficult at times, by prioritising what’s important to you, it’s possible to create a new lifestyle outside of work that is fulfilled through family contact and friends.

To find out more about how CBT can guide you through the process of creating new goals and expectations on life why not come in for a free consultation session where we can discuss the possibilities of treatment. Whether you’ve been laid off work or are looking to find the strength to deal with new challenges, CBT can provide you with some of the answers.