Insomnia and Smartphones

Posted on 6th February 2015 | Category: CBT

It is now said that Smartphones are the tobacco of the 21st century. These hand-held devices are controlling out lives to the point where some people are banning them from parties and others have trouble not looking at their small screen for more than two minutes. Could these devices be eroding more than just our free time? It now looks like Smartphones could be taking their toll on the quality of our sleep.

Recent scientific studies have shown that screen time before bed time can be especially detrimental to sleep patterns, the results of which were recently announced in the Boston Herald. The article also claims that spending large amounts of time on your mobile device before bed can also interrupt your sleeping pattern and affect your dreams, which in turn means that your quality of sleep will be degraded.

When people use Smartphones at night this is equivalent to the sun at its peak in a tropical climate. In effect this can fool your brain into thinking it is midday, resetting your own internal biological clock accordingly. This makes Smartphone use before bedtime very damaging to proper sleep patterns. With many people keeping their mobile device on the bedside table next to where they sleep, it can be all too easy

As most apps, email and social media sites that can be accessed through your Smartphone demand engagement and interaction, this can fire up your brain’s chemical reward system. Looking at content that has an emotional response can also play an important role in insomnia. For instance, becoming fired up over political articles or watching particularly scary or painful clips on YouTube or Facebook can put us into a state where we are not ready to sleep. The same can certainly be said of fast paced and demanding games.

CBT can help you with insomnia and Smartphone use. We can set up a routine that allows you to wind down before bed, teaching you to relax and make better choices about your lifestyle. It can often be a case of simply referring to the obvious, or it there may be a need to look at other parts of your life to question if there is any dissatisfaction that is making you stay up late or worry unnecessarily.

If you would like to find out more about how CBT can help you with your insomnia then the best course of action is to contact me for a free consultation appointment where we can discuss all the options available to you. This will allow us to