Free Initial Consultation

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I am able to offer you a  Initial Consultation at my own expense with absolutely no obligation, on either side. I would like to be able to tell me about whatever you need help with, without feeling there is any pressure or commitment.

This is your first step towards the future you are looking for. This first meeting gives you the opportunity to meet me in person and see if you feel comfortable talking to me and ask all the questions you need.  I will invite you to talk and ask you some questions to help me understand what is troubling you.  This conversation will enable me as a clinician to consider with you the way your problems are affecting you and discuss the way forward, in a safe, neutral and confidential environment.

About the ‘Free Initial Consultation’


The Initial Consultation will last about ten minutes and take place over the telephone. It is just a completely confidential, informal chat, so that we can see if you can learn how to help yourself, to learn to let go and leave your problems behind. The Free Initial Consultations are for private (self-funding) clients only.

As a general rule most therapy sessions are held on a weekly basis and are based on a 50-minute hour, although there might be exceptions by arrangement in special circumstances.

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