Exercise Goals

Posted on 16th October 2015 | Category: Uncategorized, Useful Tools

All too often we start things in life without knowing where they are going. One of the most common activities that people embark on and then suddenly give up is their exercise goals. We want to get fit, lose weight and even tone ourselves up and get that body like Beyonce or Channing Tatum, but somewhere along the line we simply stop and lose direction.

Why is this? Why do we often start these journeys with so much positivity only to land up on the rocks a few months later? Focus obviously plays a big part in the process, but more often than not the reason behind the failure is a lack of outcomes. Because people do not enter into a regime of exercise with any discernible goals when the initial spate of motivation wears off they can wonder why they’re going through such difficult conditions, such as working out late or travelling through difficult conditions to get to the gym.

By tying in other outcomes and desires we make physical activity more pleasurable. For instance by combining sport with socialising and achievement by playing on a team or competing in different events, we are more likely to stick at our workout plans. All too often the gym can be isolating and boring and without a clear direction it is possible for us to simply give up.

Another way that people can get round the trouble of not having a direction in the gym is by breaking down their workout into achievable goals. Often when we start a schedule of exercise the initial enthusiasm may help us to overestimate our abilities and in a spate of eagerness set targets that are unrealistic. This is where working with an exercise professional who has your best interests at heart can truly pay dividends.

As with many different things in life the gym works best when we have many small goals. By looking at weight loss over a continued period of time or by setting various personal best targets, it is possible to measure success in a different kind of manner than associating the activity with only the final outcomes.

Of course, as many people will tell you one of the most difficult things with all kinds of gym activity is sticking at it once you have made the gains you wanted. Once you are fit, slim and active this is the most dangerous time. Ideally the gym should be used as some kind of starting point to help you get motivated in the right direction then allow activity to take over. Even if you’re only interested in gym style activity then there are now cross-fit classes that will allow you to turn standard exercises into a social activity.

CBT and ACT are the perfect type of therapy to offer assistance in meeting your exercise goals. By understanding how to move forward with any program of change together with the tools to examine your progress and the discipline to implement your strategy it is possible to meet your goals.

If you would like to find out how these therapeutic techniques could make a difference in your life, then why not call for a free consultation session where we can discuss the options for further action?