EMDR Treatment In Norwich

Posted on 26th September 2018 | Category: Uncategorized

Thinking of EMDR treatment in Norwich? EMDR is getting into the news. In a recent article in the Guardian popular singer Mel B reveals that she has been using EMDR to help her understand her PTSD. Whilst she appeared to have a good life on the outside, she discovered that unresolved childhood trauma was actually holding her back. To cope with the pain she was self-medicating with a life of party and alcohol, which was compounding rather than resolving her issues.

Robin Logie, the president of the EMDR Association has this to say about the revolutionary treatment “EMDR works, by helping the brain to process traumatic memories – it is mainly used as a treatment for PTSD, but can be used for depression, anxiety, addiction and phobias.”

He goes on to add “the way we do that is to get the person to think about a particular moment. For example, with a road traffic accident – it could be the moment just before you’re hit. We ask them to describe what negative belief they have about themselves.” It could be something like: ‘I’m not safe.’” We ask what emotion seems to go with that and where they feel it in their body.”

When the brain has to deal with a traumatic memory it can often form an amnesiac barrier, stopping the conscious mind from endlessly replaying the event. It is especially true with traumas caused by violent actions such as car crashes or personal attacks. People cannot recall the course of action in any detail and are thus unable to process the emotional response and come to terms with what has happened.

Whilst the treatment has become more popular in recent years and there is more awareness of its therapeutic value amongst the medical community, there is still much that is unknown about EMDR. It has actually been practised since the early 1980s when the founder, Francine Shapiro discovered that rapidly moving her eyes could actually relieve the symptoms of emotional stress – and help with the underlying causes.

We now understand that EMDR can be used to help with traumatic events and even a series of events that could have caused considerable stress in the past. It can use flashing lights or the therapist can simply use a finger to move the client’s eyes around to help them access parts of the mind that have previously remained veiled.

Some people have described the experience as akin to going back through into childhood and the therapy is best experienced with other psychiatric techniques that can allow the person to integrate the understanding and vision back into their normal life.  It is not uncommon for people to take time off after therapy to think about and explore their emotions. With this therapy people can take tremendous leaps to help them get over the final thrust of the past.

If you would like to explore the possibilities of EMDR treatment in Norwich, then Derek Barkham can help you. In the first instance we always recommend a consultation appointment to find out if you can work with Derek and if he is the right therapist for you. Use our online booking system to set up your consultation and take the next step toward a healthier personal well-being.