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Obsessions and Compulsions Often Occur Together.

Obsessive thoughts occur when we notice that we are having upsetting or anxiety provoking thoughts that we cannot shake off, like an annoying tune playing, over and over in our mind.

For example a fear of doing something: We might think we are going to do something bad or immoral, even though we are law abiding. Or fear that we are ill or will become contaminated, or ill. We might think that we might lose control and hurt someone, or fear causing harm because we have not done something correctly, or we have not prevented something from happening. These thoughts do not have to be rational or realistic and knowing inside that our fears do not make sense does not help!

As a result it is not uncommon to become obsessed with the details of our fears, this leaves no time for anything else in life which can leave us feeling exhausted.

Compulsive actions are the things that we do, to try and defuse our fears, or avoid harm occurring and stay in control of our thoughts and feelings. These can take the form of rituals we do, or checking or cleaning things, we do this again and again, as we to try making ourselves feel better. Some people habitually use prayers or repeat certain words, to make themselves feel safe and distract their minds from obsessive thoughts. Or we might become obsessively preoccupied with avoiding the things, or the situations that make us anxious.

Paradoxically the more we do any of the above the more often we feel the need to repeat them, as the relief is always short lived, this is when the obsessions and compulsions can get completely out of hand and they start to dominate our lives.

I’d like you to take a moment to see if any of the following applies to you:

  • I get impulses, ideas, and pictures that upset me going around in circles in my head?
  • I have constant doubts and fears, so I go over the same things again and again in my mind to try and put it right, but there is no solution?
  • I feel responsible / guilty for bad things that happen?
  • I do worry that something that I have not done correctly will cause harm or something bad to happen?
  • I am very sensitive to my fears?
  • I fear that I am going to lose control and do something that will upset or harm others?
  • I am obsessed with things that I have done, or might have done that I think will harm either myself or others?
  • I feel that I can’t cope?
  • I compulsively check, clean and do tasks a certain number of times, or things over and over again in a never ending attempt to get it right?
  • I find myself thinking good thoughts praying or counting deliberately to try and feel Ok?

If you can tick several of these off, then you would probably benefit from seeking treatment.

I provide clinically effective professional psychotherapy for OCD whatever the cause.

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