Confidence is an important element of success. However, if you feel that you have lost your confidence this can become a self-limiting belief. Over time this can ruin your enjoyment of or even hold you back in all aspects of life.

A lack of confidence can affect your career, your relationships, in some cases it can even prevent travel, or hobbies and recreational activities.

As this situation can appear to become all pervasive, over time it may lead to low self-esteem. This might leave us feeling that we are not good enough, so challenges or difficult situations make us feel like we are the centre of attention or under scrutiny. Everyday tasks such as exams, tests, social events, speaking to your boss, or asking someone out start to become a struggle. In effect life becomes a scary thing from which we simply want to run or hide away.

I am able to offer CBT that helps you look at the root causes of your lack of confidence in a different way and build alternatives. Rather than over-examining the problems of the past, we would work together to create new strategies for dealing with the future.

Would you like to…

  • Maintain your motivation?
  • Start to really believe in yourself?
  • Look like a confident person to others?
  • Handle change and challenges more effectively and without panic?
  • Regularly find yourself overcoming procrastination?
  • Increase you opportunities and prospects?
  • Get more out of work?
  • Feel free to express your opinion?
  • Be relaxed and yourself in professional situations?
  • Get reasonable respect from others?

If you can tick three or more of the above points then there is a very good chance that I can help you achieve a life change that results in a more confident, happier you. To find out more make an appointment to see me using my online booking service today.

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