Anxiety Treatment in Norwich

If you are suffering from anxiety, I invite you to take a moment to consider working with me.

Having worked in mental health for over 20 years, I have supported many people through anxiety – and helped them lead a life where they feel better about themselves and they world around them.

For many of us living with anxiety is akin to trying to keep your balance whilst standing up on a children’s seesaw. So much so; that at times it is hard for us to decide when our fears and the physical sensations, emotions and thoughts that go with them are out of context with, or disproportionate to what is actually going on around us right now. So we try so hard to fix feelings of tension, stress, panic and racing thoughts; that we run back and forth, trying to balance a difficult situation and our ability to cope, until we lose our balance and tumble off!

For some people, if this problem persists into their everyday life it can become as disabling as any chronic physical illness.

Considering you have read this far, I’d like you to see if any of the following applies to you:

  • I worry most days?
  • I go over things again and again in my mind?
  • I am overly sensitive to possible difficulties seeing them as threats?
  • I feel that I can’t cope?
  • Others seem to cope better than me?
  • I feel tense and on edge?
  • I often feel exhausted?
  • I have problems with sleep?
  • My thoughts often stop me doing things that I need to do, or are important to me?
  • I often avoid or put things off, or avoid people that I find difficult?

If you can tick several of these off, then you would probably benefit from anxiety treatment.

I provide clinically effective professional psychotherapy for anxiety whatever the cause, including generalised anxiety disorder.

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