Advantages of Remote Therapy (Teletherapy)

Teletherapy can be an essential tool to help people learn more about mental health. Even if you feel strong, teletherapy gives you the skills and knowledge to become psychologically more flexible and emotionally resilient.

Online therapy offers access to help with mental health to people in rural or remote areas. It allows city dwellers to avoid traffic delays and road works. Having to drive long distances and take significant time out of a busy schedule to seek face to face can be burdensome in terms of time, energy and an extra cost for people needing help. On the other hand, suppose you have reliable telephone/ mobile or internet access. Online therapy gives you relatively quick and easy access to expert help.

It provides people who are disabled or housebound with equal access. In addition, clients have told me they prefer remote therapy as it gives them more flexibility for childcare, work or caring for others.

Remote therapy is affordable and convenient as you attend sessions from the comfort and privacy of your home as the appointments are attended by telephone or online. You can schedule your therapy sessions for the most convenient times; you can relax in comfy clothes with a hot drink in your living room. As no one needs to know that you are seeing a Therapist, it is easier to overcome the stigma that has historically been attached to mental health issues. You do not need a diagnosis or doctor’s referral to benefit from talking to a professional.

Research shows that online therapy can be as effective as face-to-face therapy. For example, research studies found remote cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and EMDR are as effective as in-person therapy for stress, trauma anxiety, panic and depression.

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