Here is just a small selection of what clients have said about my work.

“You haven’t always told me what I wanted to hear, but you gave me what works and I am grateful for that!” 

BT Engineer

“I have rebuilt my confidence and self esteem whilst in therapy, to the extent that following a successful interview I have been offered new employment, a career move to a higher plane, with superior short and long term prospects. My home and family life is great now and I can handle disingenuous situations more effectively without becoming cynical.”


“I am feeling much better and now able to see a brighter future.”

Mapping Clerk

“When I was at my lowest I felt that my situation had not been understood and that the world against me. Then Derek took over my case a weight was lifted off my shoulder and I no longer felt isolated, I could move forward. I feel much stronger now!”

Call Centre Worker

“I think that your service has been both prompt in response and really useful to me!”

Customer Services Specialist

“The therapy is very hard but beneficial and I feel that I will make further improvements over time. Thank you for all your help.”

BT Telephone Exchange Engineer